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Oct 4, 2003

haven't written nething on here in quite a while. hmm. lotsa junk has changed. im done w/ nick. well, more like he's done w/ me. he never wanted me to begin w/, but supposedly he was straight w/ me from the beginning. w/e. if he was, i wouldn't have done nething at his part, so obviously he wasn't. grrr. lying drunk ppl piss me off! oh well, i'll live!

Posted at 10:36 am by Ninita
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Sep 5, 2003

i talked to nick. he was drunk, but he remembers, he knew what he was doing, and he said tiffany was a dumbass for what she said. so everything is good. he wants me to come down, but i don't think that will happen. so i told him to come up here. idk if he will or not. prolly not. not netime soon neway. *sighs* if he does, matt, u an me an him an maggie (or sumone) will have to do sumthin, so that way it is a group thing and my dad can chill out and u can meet him. but if u r mean i will kick ur ass. so be nice!!!

Posted at 06:56 pm by Ninita
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Sep 1, 2003

only one more day of summer vacation left! wow. this summer flew by, and tons of stuff happened! i didn't really get to see ppl, but i still had fun. i wanna go back to school, just so i can see everyone again and wear my new clothes! lmao. not looking forward to bein so busy w/ homework again. oh well. only two more years left. im bored. blah.

Posted at 08:40 pm by Ninita
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Aug 17, 2003

i can't freakin beleive this shit! he was completely and totally smashed. like, he can't remember nething else except what happened w/ us. if had had known that, there wouldn't BE nething to remember. ohhhhh, i am so PISSED!

Posted at 08:21 pm by Ninita
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Aug 13, 2003

third day of soccer camp. my feet are killing me!!! two blisters, a cut from when i stepped on glass babysittin, and a cut from when i did a minor "surgery" to get a piece of shell outta my poor foot when we got back from da beach! im ok tho! except for the fact IM FUCKING INSANE! i mean it! emily, tiff, nick, yall know what i mean. i am so fucked up. what the hell! damn. life is crazy, im crazy, so its all good! NOT! ugh. ya know what? i am pissed off. pissed off at the parrot, pissed off at nick, but mostly pissed at myself. what the hell am i gonna do.  one more week. after that, who knows what the hell is gonna happen.
emily, what the hell did ya hafta tell me that for! everything was goin so good!!! but, im glad u told me. i still don't know who to beleive. i'm leaning towards nick. i just need to talk to him if he would freaking sign on!!! or ANSWER MY DAMN EMAILS!!! wtf is up w/ that?? grrrr.

Posted at 08:53 pm by Ninita
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Aug 10, 2003

i think i pissed la vaca off. whoops. only three more weeks till school! yay! i know, i know. what the hell am i so excited about? i actually like school. ugh, i have a guidance appointment tomorrow at school. that lady is freaking psycho! i hafta set up my schedual, and im gonna try to find a way to get out of going to boces, and then i can stay in school w/ mis amigos. well, most of them. and still do soccer, cheerleading, softball, drivers ed. yay! i get my license this year! how scary!!! hehehe.
Bah-hahahaha BEEP hahahaah BEEP! lmfao can-of-dace!
i just got back from myrtle beach, SC last nite. fun times yo! lol. the chad is great!! mucho gusto, no es husto!!! some lady got stung by a sting ray, which kept me out of the water for the rest of the day. and the surfers were all jackasses that yelled at us for "getting in their waves". umm, hello? PUBLIC BEACH! duh. one almost ran me over and i had to duck. one of the nice surfers came really close to running me and emmy over, but he wasn't trying to be a jerk i don't think. i think he was just showing off. one guy laughed at emily when she freaked out cuz sumthin slimy touched her foot. lmao. it was great. 'specially cuz he was freakin hot! then there was andrew next door to us in the condo complex, but we decided he was a jerk cuz emily said hi to him, and he ignored her. the whole conversation was: hi. fine, DON'T say hi to me. fine, LOOK at me funny. and then andrew walked away. it was pretty damn funny. and we went to the NASCAR cafe, which was pretty cool. and Drunken Jack's which is the best fancy restaraunt in the world. and Fuddruckers. careful when u say that. lmao. that is the absolute BEST hamburger place EVER! i love it!  my cousin Jim came down for a few days w/ his friends Jeremy and Chad. hence "the chad is great" he kept tryin to take my picture dammit! i don't like surprise pictures taken! so i took his! HA! he was freakin HOT, but he was 22, so no go. oh well. Tengo la vaca. sort of. it apparently depends on what day it is or sumthin. idk. *sighs*

Posted at 06:43 pm by Ninita
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Jul 31, 2003

ok, i just checked my email, and nobody emailed me!! *cries* well, i just checked it last night, so thats not too bad. its eleven oclock, an i just got up and no one is on but my cuzin! u lazy bums! i'm leavin tomorrow, aren't yall sad? goin to sc for a whole week, but that means i can't go to my moms next weekend, which is always a bad thing. but im gonna see if i can go down the week b4 canada, at least till wednesday, so i can still get some practices in, and work maybe. fun stuff *rolls eyes* nobody's on nobody's on.

Posted at 11:08 am by Ninita
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Jul 30, 2003

yay, now i finally have an online journal thinger majigger! couldn't  get a code for livejournal, so this works!
neway, i thought this summer would suck cuz i didn't get to do what i wanted, and cuz i never saw nick, and i always miss him! and i never see my friends, which really makes me sad, cuz i love my friends to death! i would be nothing without them! so, pretty much, this summer did suck. until last weekend. *sighs* i had to work friday, which really pissed me off cuz i wanted to go to my mom's cuz i knew they'd go to bruce and joanie's (ahem, NICKS), and the only reason my dad wouldn't let me get sumone else to work for me was cuz i had an employee meeting on saturday. well, my boss came to work and told me i didn't really have to go to the meeting cuz i already knew what she was gonna be talkin about. then i had to call my sis when i got home, and guess where she was. yeah, nick's house. i was soo pissed! then saturday, we went to a friends grad party, then to nick's grad party (he's leaving for college on aug. 20, and i'm gonna see him less than i already do!). at first, i wasn't havin too much fun, cuz i had to hang out w/ beth. i mean, she's ok for a 12 year old, but i really wanted to be with him! but yall know me, im so shy, and he was w/ his friends, and he makes me nervous anyway....so, yeah. and before his party, i thought he was mad at me or sumthin cuz he wasn't answerin my emails, but we fixed that. so we were sittin out by the fire, and FINALLY everyone left except me, my sis, nick, erick, matt, tyler, and the adults who were stayin there, but they went to bed, so they don't count! it started rainin so we went under the big tents up by the house. eatin pizza and talkin. nick came over and asked me if i really had gone to his house two weeks before (uh, yeah...) and what happened. i told him he was sleepin so i turned around and went home. that pissed him off. after a while, it stopped rainin, so he went to rebuild the fire (alone if he had to... HINT, HINT). so i waited till he got some flames, and headed over. yeah, well, that didn't last long. he threw a bug spray can in the fire, then told me to run cuz it was gonna explode (it never did....oh well!). so we were over a lil ways away from the fire, and he went to look at the can, so i sat on the edge of the flower bed, and he came and sat next to me. he said sumthin bout it looked like one of the chairs was on fire. i guess i gave him a funny look, cuz he pulled me over, pretty much on top of him to see. and i bet yall can guess where it went from there..... i had fun. and i really wish he didn't have to go to college, so he could come to canada w/ us. *sighs* he better come see me this year!! so, yeah, thats it for now. leavin in two days for myrtle beach. yippee.  *rolls eyes*

Posted at 07:59 pm by Ninita
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